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Still Raining Still Dreaming.
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Follow me for the interesting things I go through and I’ll follow back really good photoblogs :)

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HEY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP UP WITH THIS BLOGS DAY TO DAY FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Parker_sosauvii and I will follow back :) thank you and have a good morning


Hey this is a message to everyone still following this page I want to say thank you for your patients and interest in this page. I promise I’ll be back soon but for now school has taken priority. So from the bottom of my heart Thank You <3


“Solo Smoove” kickin a dope ass freestyle.

Props to Smoove kicks a dope flow! Follow up if you like good music!!!

lemme-die-in-your-arms-deactiva asked:
Follow back & Promo 4 Promo? I'm kinda new here!

Sure I’ll help with that as soon as I get back to my computer

forever-fashi0nable asked:
Thanks for following back, I like your blog a lot :)

aww thanks I appreciate it I like yours too very feminine :)

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